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Standard insulating glass


Standard insulating glass consists of two or three float glass panes 3-10 mm thick with an air cavity between 6-24 mm glass. The surface of the insulating glass can be optically divided by a decorative grid placed in the cavity.

Antisolar insulating glass


As the total glass area increases, the interior lighting and warming increase due to solar radiation, which may be adversely affecting comfort in the environment. Special anti-solar lenses deal with these undesirable phenomena.

Thermal insulating glass


Thermal insulating glass reduces heat loss compared to standard insulating glass. By replacing the inner pane with a low emissivity glass for standard glass, the heat transfer value can be significantly reduced. Further reduction of this value can be achieved by exchanging the air in the insulating glass cavity with a gas with low thermal conductivity.

Sound insulating glass


Sound insulating glasses are special insulating glasses that reduce the entry of noise from the outside into the interior. These glasses are used for glazing objects near highways, airports, intersections and the like.

Safety insulation glass

We produce safety insulating glass by replacing single glass with laminated glass, hardened glass, wire glass or using a safety metal grid.

Edging flat glass

Custom production of glass parts for cabinets, assemblies, shelves, dining tables, bar counters and coffee tables. Glass panes meet strict criteria for interior furnishing of a bank, post office or other financial institution. Flat glass products can be used as complementary interior components or promotional items.

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