Warranty conditions

Conditions of the 3 year guarantee for all types of IGLASS insulating glass.

Iglass spol. s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as Iglass) guarantees that within three years from the date of manufacture, there will be no visible change in the insulating glass due to condensation or dust deposition on the glass surfaces inside the insulating unit resulting from an error in the hermetic seal.

The guarantee is valid provided that:

  • the insulating glasses have been stored, handled and fitted in accordance with regulations or codes of practice applicable to a particular market (standards),
  • the insulating glass has not been damaged due to improper handling, placement, installation or damage due to improper maintenance and cleaning that is contrary to our recommendations, or otherwise treated by breaking, cutting or grinding edges, corners or varnished or covered with sunscreen,
  • water does not adhere to the frame grooves (due to condensation or leakage),
  • insulating glass will not be exposed to excessive stress due to the use of the heater and the pressure resulting from the movement of the building during construction work.

In any event, this warranty expires at the end of the 5th calendar year following the date of shipment or delivery of the product by Iglass. Any claims made after the warranty expiration date will not be considered by Iglass.


The warranty defines Iglass’ obligation to replace the claimed glass free of charge (if proven to be defective) based on the above criteria to the place of original delivery. It does not cover glazing costs or damages caused by replacement / replacement, including related handling.


The warranty does not cover glass breakage and breakage. Replacement glazing which is defective only after the original glass warranty has expired is not covered by the warranty. The guarantee of replacement glazing cannot be extended for a period longer than that provided by the guarantee of the original glazing.