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We are general contractor for investment construction and reconstruction.

Industrial, civil and engineering buildings

Renovation of historical buildings

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The shopping center is built in the wider surroundings of the historical center of Košice. The multifunctional building provides services to the citizens of the locality.

Public buildings

Buildings belonging to the state, municipality or higher territorial unit often serve citizens in the field of education, healthcare, services or as corporate premises.

For more than 25 years we have been providing complex modernization, reconstruction or reconstruction of public buildings.

Many well-built hotels, sports halls, mourning houses, swimming pools, office buildings and churches in Eastern Slovakia are result of our many years of practice.

Finished public buildings

This building for the production of garden equipment is situated within the existing urban structure of the industrial park Poprad-Matejovce.

Industrial buildings

Buildings intended for industrial production and complex industrial buildings place the greatest emphasis on functionality and durability.

Given the size of the construction site and the investor’s financial background, we will prepare various design solutions for simpler or more complex interiors and exteriors of industrial buildings.

In the past, we have dealt with us extensions and conversions of production halls, extensions of roads, reconstruction of distribution or rough terrain modifications of industrial land.

Finished industrial buildings

Electric transformer station at the state road connecting the villages of Dobšiná and Stratená helped to ensure the supply of electricity for development in the area.

Engineering structures

Engineering constructions are all constructions that cannot be classified as buildings. We have built dozens of pavements, parking lots, bridges, tunnels, ponds, and many other types of civil engineering structures.

We know how to build flood protection, cesspools, field manure facilities, sewerage and relocation of water mains. In addition, we have professional experience in adjusting public space and rehabilitating large areas.

Finished engineering structures

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