Antisolar insulating glass

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As the total glass area increases, the interior lighting and warming increase due to solar radiation, which may be adversely affecting comfort in the environment. Special anti-solar lenses deal with these undesirable phenomena.

By replacing the pane with a reflective and absorbing characteristic in the standard insulating glass, the negative effects of excessive solar radiation are eliminated.

Antisolar glass is divided into three groups


  1. Glass with absorption characteristics, (planibel) in bronze, green, gray, blue,
  2. Glasses with reflective and absorbent characteristics (stopsol) in clear, bronze, green, gray, blue colors. Reflective effects can be controlled by the orientation of the metal oxide layer on the glass. The reflective effects are more pronounced in the orientation of the layer towards incident radiation. If the layer is oriented into the insulating glass cavity, the reflection value is significantly reduced,
  3. Reflective glass with increased thermal insulation (stopray) provides protection against unwanted input of solar energy and at the same time greatly improves the thermal insulation properties of the double glazing. The value of the heat transfer coefficient Ug <1.1. The precious metal layer on the glass surface must always be oriented towards the cavity in order to avoid damage.
We guarantee that within three years from the production date, there will be no visible change in insulating glass due to condensation or dust deposition.

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Extended 3 years warranty from production date

ISO 9001 a ISO 14001 certification

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