Safety insulation glass

Exact specification of the processed products can be found on the AGC Yourglass website

We produce safety insulating glass by replacing single glass with laminated glass, hardened glass, wire glass or using a safety metal grid.

Combination with laminated glass

Laminated glass reduces the risk of personal injury as glass fragments remain on the plastic sheet during destruction. Laminated glass provides protection against burglary or shooting through.

Combination with tempered glass

Tempered glass is several times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. It is used for increased wind load and thermal stress. The destruction of the hardened glass produces non-sharp fragments.

Combination with glass with wire insert

The integrity of the glass is maintained under mechanical stress and heat stress caused by fire.

Combination with safety metal grid

The metal grid is placed between the glass panes and provides security and ornamental function.

We guarantee that within three years from the production date, there will be no visible change in insulating glass due to condensation or dust deposition.

More than 1000 installations in Slovakia

Extended 3 years warranty from production date

ISO 9001 a ISO 14001 certification

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