Sound insulating glass

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Sound insulating glasses are special insulating glasses that reduce the entry of noise from the outside into the interior. In terms of acoustic properties of glass panels, the most commonly used variable is the sound insulation index Rw expressed in dB.

The Rw index determines the insulating ability of the element against airborne sound. These glasses are used for glazing objects near highways, airports, intersections and the like.

Sound insulation methods

  1. using insulating double glazing with asymmetric thickness of glass panes,
  2. filling the glass with heavy gas,
  3. by widened cavity between the glasses,
  4. using laminated glass poured with resin,
  5. using laminated glass with a special sound-insulating foil.

Sound insulating lenses with laminated glass can also serve as safety glass.

We guarantee that within three years from the production date, there will be no visible change in insulating glass due to condensation or dust deposition.

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ISO 9001 a ISO 14001 certification

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