Standard insulating glass

Exact specification of the processed products can be found on the AGC Yourglass website

IGLASS insulating glass consists of two or three float glass panes 3-10 mm thick with an air cavity between 6-24 mm glass. The surface of the insulating glass can be optically divided by a decorative grid placed in the cavity.

The thermal insulation capacity of the product is expressed by the value of the heat transfer coefficient Ug (W.m-2.K-1). Compared to single glazing, insulating double glazing allows 40-50% reduction in heat loss. If high light transmittance is desired and at the same time transparency is to be limited, ornamental glass can be used in the insulating glass composition.

The shapes of the insulating glass may be regular or irregular.

We guarantee that within three years from the production date, there will be no visible change in insulating glass due to condensation or dust deposition.

More than 1000 installations in Slovakia

Extended 3 years warranty from production date

ISO 9001 a ISO 14001 certification

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